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Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
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Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -
Washo Fleckenset Lavendel -

Washo stain set lavender

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Washo Lavender Stain Set -
for all-round clean, fresh laundry

The Lavender Stain Set contains:

  • 1 box of 60 wash strips lavender
  • 1 box of oxygen bleach 800g
  • 1 Washo storage box for powder
  • 1 Washo wooden dosing spoon 10ml
  • 1 Washo stain soap 100g
  • 1 Washo soap tin

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Washo washing strips - the clean way to wash

Ultra-light, dry-pressed wash strips with highly concentrated washing substances and carefully selected biodegradable ingredients. For white, colored and black laundry. Applicable at all temperatures from 15-90° degrees and on all textiles. Also suitable for short washes and hand washing.

Advantages for you and the environment

  • ultra-light and space-saving
  • biodegradable
  • without microplastic and no palm oil
  • well tolerated by the skin without unnecessary additives
  • recyclable cardboard packaging
  • vegan


    1 Washo = 1 wash cycle

    Simply place Washo in the laundry drum, put in the laundry and start the program. The Washo washing strip dissolves completely in the water and gently ensures clean laundry.

    • for white, colored and black laundry
    • applicable to all textiles
    • at all temperatures from 15-90°C
    • also suitable for short wash cycles and hand washing

    Washo oxygen bleach - Whites stay white longer

    Washo oxygen bleach is an environmentally friendly oxygen-based bleaching agent and very suitable for white textiles. With carefully selected, natural ingredients and free of microplastics. With only one filled Washo wooden dosing spoon of 10ml per wash cycle, Washo Oxygen Bleach saves white laundry from unsightly gray haze. The active oxygen also eliminates unpleasant odors from as low as 30°C wash temperature.

    Odor neutralization - anti-grey haze - germ elimination

    Advantages for you and the environment

    • Biodegradable
    • With natural ingredients
    • without chlorine bleach
    • free from microplastic and petroleum
    • vegan


      1 Washo wooden dosing spoon (10ml) = 1 wash cycle

      Fill washing machine and use detergent as usual. Now add Washo Oxygen Bleach to the main wash compartment and start program. Washo Oxygen Bleach is completely water soluble and biodegradable.

      Please always refer to the textile care label before use. Suitable for white textiles at temperatures of 30-90°C.

      Not suitable for wool and silk.

      Washo Stain Soap - Stain removal the natural way

      Washo Stain Soap is ideal for pre-treatment of stains. Enriched with washing nut extract, it can remove even stubborn stains in no time. The carefully selected, natural ingredients also protect the fibers of your favorite textiles in the long term. Even the most stubborn stains such as wine, grass, tomato, blood, salad dressing stains etc. can be pre-treated with Washo Stain Soap.

      Advantages for you and the environment

      • biodegradable
      • strong against stubborn stains
      • with natural ingredients
      • free from microplastics and petroleum
      • vegan


      1 Washo Stain Soap = approx. 50 pre-treatments

      Wet the Washo Stain Soap and the affected spot with water. Now rub the affected area carefully with the soap. You should pay attention to the pressure strength, in order not to damage the textile fibers. Repeat the process at your own discretion until the stain has largely disappeared. Now you can wash the good piece as usual.


      • Always rinse stains with water as soon as possible.
      • Pretreat stains directly if possible
      • too strong pressure friction can damage the textile fibers
      • always read the textile care label before use
      • if unsure, test on an inconspicuous area

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        Signal word
        Hazard pictograms
        GHS05 Corrosion |

        GHS07 Exclamation mark

        Hazard statements
        H302 |

        Harmful if swallowed.

        H315 |

        Causes skin irritation.

        H318 |

        Causes serious eye damage.

        H412 |

        Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


        Contains subtilisin. May cause allergic reactions.

        Biologisch abbaubar

        Ohne Mikroplastik

        100% Vegan


        Jetzt Bienenwachstücher

        Bei jeder Bestellung ab CHF 30.-

        Jetzt Bienenwachstücher geschenkt!

        Bei jeder Bestellung ab CHF 30.-


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 25 reviews
        Tanja L. (Egerkingen, CH)
        Super Set! Einfach genial 🤩

        Das Beste was ich je hatte!!🤩🤩

        Yves M. (Reinach, CH)
        Future of Washing

        No Comments needed.
        Super Product.
        Future of Washing!

        Silvia K. (Wurenlos, CH)

        Bis jetzt bin ich zufrieden, konnte leider den Fleckenreiniger noch nicht probiren

        Jolanda M. (Munchenstein, CH)

        Bin sehr zufrieden.Habe jetzt Lavendel Duft bestellt.Freue mich darauf es aus zu probieren.

        Max R. (Lausanne, CH)
        Super Washo !

        100 % convaincu ! Essayer c’est l’adopter, vos produits sont vraiment excellents 👍

        Sandra b. (Spreitenbach, CH)
        Sehr zu Frieden

        Ich bin sehr zu Frieden. Gerne. Empfehle ich euch weiter. Bestelle. Gerne wieder eure Produkte. L g. Wünsche euch ganz schöne Festtage 🥂🍀🎄

        Marcello V. (Gordola, CH)
        Ottimo kit per iniziare

        Alla fine cambia tutto ma cambia poco, una nuova routine che fa bene a te e all’ ambiente

        Ba (Aesch, CH)
        Weiter so 👍🏼

        Wäre ich nicht überzeugt von diesen Produkten, würde ich sie nicht mehr kaufen!

        Suzanne M. (Lausanne, CH)
        Écologique et hyper pratique

        Plus de lourds flacons à manipuler, une seule lingette par machine quel que soit la nature du textile. Bravo pour cette innovation qui simplifie la vie!

        Kathrin J. (Aarau, CH)

        Praktisch und riecht gut