Neue Ära: Washo Sensitive löst Soft ab -

New era: Washo Sensitive replaces Soft

At last, our latest product is here: the new Washo Sensitive wash strips. They are now replacing the Soft wash strips. We are proud to say that Washo Sensitive is also manufactured in Germany, which guarantees the highest quality standards.

Improved formula for better washing performance

These first strips of our improved formula with plant-based surfactants are pressed thicker than before. This enables even greater washing performance. As always with Washo, the Sensitive strips are suitable for all textiles and temperatures.

What does Sensitive mean?

Washo Sensitive has been specially developed to meet the needs of sensitive skin.

  • Hypoallergenic formula with allergen-free fragrance: Our strips contain no potentially allergenic substances and have a specially developed fragrance that is free from known allergens. This significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions in affected individuals.

  • Dermatologically tested: Washo Sensitive has been dermatologically tested and found to be "very good" for sensitive skin.

  • Ideal for baby laundry: The gentle and hypoallergenic formula makes Washo Sensitive the ideal choice for washing baby clothes and bed linen.

Dermatest Sehr gut

How does the new strip smell?

Our fragrance is a soft, white floral scent with a lemon and aldehyde top note. The floral heart opens with a sophisticated bouquet of rose, cyclamen and gardenia and rests on a warm bed of musky cedarwood, heliotrope and sandalwood.

Waschstreifen Sensitive

Here you can find the Sensitive Wash Strips

1 box with 60 strips

3 boxes with 180 strips

5 boxes with 300 stripes

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