Sun cream as an environmental problem

The instructions from dermatologists are clear:

Adequate sun protection contributes significantly to protecting against the consequences of UV radiation such as skin cancer. However, sun creams with chemical UV filters are not completely safe for humans: If the sun cream is applied too slowly, some substances break down into potentially carcinogenic decomposition products.

Nanoparticles are often used in mineral sun creams to improve the texture. However, nanoparticles pose a health risk as they are so microscopically small that they can penetrate the organism. The SaveSun mineral sun cream is free from nanoparticles and still achieves a pleasant texture that does not leave a white film.

People who are sensitive to fragrances can use SaveSun without hesitation - the formula is fragrance-free and therefore also suitable for children. This is also confirmed by Dermatest, which has awarded the SaveSun formula the "Very Good" seal.

When sun protection becomes a health risk

Australian and Hawaiian authorities have banned some chemical UV filters for a reason.

The ongoing death of corals and the threat to aquatic life due to harmful chemical UV filters is a matter that concerns us all. Many manufacturers are now adapting their recipes, but are now using chemical alternatives instead of the banned substances. SaveSun sun cream goes one step further and completely dispenses with chemical UV filters. Instead, SaveSun relies on mineral filters that are just as effective but safe for aquatic life.

Environmentally friendly inside and out

The tube consists of 68% kraft paper and thus massively reduces the use of plastic compared to a conventional tube. The flap fastener is also kept particularly narrow in order to save as much material as possible.

  • Coral-Reef.png__PID:645c6e4f-3138-463b-94f4-1a814272d61a

    Coral Reef Safe

    With coral-friendly mineral UV filter

  • Eco-Friendly.png__PID:5c6e4f31-3846-4bd4-b41a-814272d61a09

    Eco Friendly

    Tube tubing consists of a mixed material with 68% paper content

  • Naturla Origins.png__PID:6e4f3138-463b-44f4-9a81-4272d61a0922

    99% Natural Origins

    SaveSun contains 99% natural ingredients according to ISO 16128

Your SaveSun benefits


  • Mineralische, riffsichere UV-Filter
  • Mit 99% natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen
  • Ohne Nanopartikel
  • Ohne Duftstoffe
  • Für Kinder geeignet
  • Tubenschlauch mit 68% Papieranteil
  • Schützt sofort
  • Formel ohne weisse Rückstände


  • Chemische UV-Filter die Korallenschädigen
  • Mit Synthetischen Inhaltsstoffen
  • Nanopartikel
  • Duftstoffe
  • Reizt sensible Haut
  • 100% Kunststofftube
  • Benötigt 20-30 Minuten Einwirkzeit
  • Hinterlässt weisse Rückstände