Washo, simply sustainable

Washo is the Swiss brand
for ecologically sustainable households.

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Without microplastic

100% Vegan

The Washo Mission

We want to inspire Switzerland to adopt environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable households.

The use of detergents and cleaning agents in our households is partly responsible for countless pollutants in our wastewater. These can often not be completely filtered out or neutralized and thus directly pollute our waters.

Due to the daily overdose, the extent is no longer acceptable for us. Washo puts an end to unnecessary environmental pollution and stands with its products for the ecologically sustainable development of households in Switzerland.

Washing reinvented?

Honestly: We have not invented anything!

The idea of the wash strips is so simple that we didn't even think of it ourselves. The invention originated in Canada and the concept convinced us immediately. That's why we want to make them available to as many households as possible in Switzerland. You too!

Become a part of our big Washo family.

Dishwashing without microplastics

Dishwashing is one of the most common cleaning procedures in our household. Just the place to make an improvement with lasting effect.

Washo tabs are probably among the most ecological dishwashing tabs on the Swiss market. Without plastic/PVA film

With carefully selected, biodegradable ingredients, we conserve our planet's resources and ensure that less microplastic enters our waters via wastewater.

Less is more

We are not shooting at sparrows with cannons.
For years, if not decades, conventional detergents and cleaning agents have often been massively overdosed. In modern times, this is usually no longer necessary and certainly not environmentally friendly. On the contrary, our household (clothes, dishes, faucets, etc.) has long ceased to be comparable to past times in terms of pollution. Both advanced technology and changes in behavior have significantly reduced the level of pollution in our lives. That's why, at Washo, real sustainability lies in conscious reduction: "Only as much as necessary - as little as possible".


Only 2g light & space saving

Carefully selected ingredients

Without microplastic

100% Vegan

Conventional detergents

Overdosed, heavy & bulky

Unnecessary additives

Microplastic & Plastic Packaging

Causes high C02 emissions

The Washo family

At Washo, different people have the same goal: A better world tomorrow. For this we all need each other and that makes us the Washo Family".

Together with you, we inspire the whole of Switzerland for more sustainable households. Our goal is to get many more people excited about Washo and thus encourage even more Swiss households to do their laundry, dishes and cleaning in a sustainable way.

Of course, we would be very happy about your support. Regardless of whether you also want to protect the resources of our planet with Washo products, be a critical contemporary, help as an input supplier or are a brand ambassador. Maybe you even want to work with us in the future?

We are a genuine Central Swiss company. Washo AG has its offices and also the storage areas in Baar ZG. We are all at home in Baar, Zug or the immediate vicinity and feel very much at home here. As people who are close to nature, sustainability and social commitment are very important to us.