Washo Care Starter Set - 3 pieces plus accessories
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Washo Care Starter Set - 3 pieces plus accessories

Washo Care Starter Set - 3 pieces plus accessories

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Washo Care Starter Set - including accessories

The Starter Set includes:

  • 3 Washo Care solid shower care or shampoo pieces of your choice
  • 1 sisal soap bag
  • 1 wall holder

Select each shower care or shampoo piece individually in the drop-down menu to create your shower set. Benefit from the attractive set price with -29% discount.

Washo Care - certified natural cosmetics with perfect foam experience

The Ecocert COSMOS Natural Standard certified formula of Washo Care consists of 95% natural ingredients and is colored with natural colors. With one piece of solid shower care or shampoo of 70g, you also replace up to two plastic bottles of 200ml liquid shower gel.

Advantages for you and the environment

  • very economical
  • certified natural cosmetics
  • free of microplastics, silicones and parabens
  • with 95% natural ingredients
  • recyclable cardboard packaging
  • vegan


  1. Wet hands and lather up shower care
  2. spread foam on body and rinse off
  3. Let shower care dry for the next use

Washo Care soap bag - practical way to hang it up

The Washo Care soap bag made of sisal is the practical way to hang and dry Washo Care shampoo and shower care. Small residual pieces can be lathered up directly in the soap bag and thus be used up completely. The slightly rough material provides a light peeling effect on the skin and gently removes small skin flakes.


  1. Put Washo Care solid shower care or shampoo into the sisal bag and moisten both.
  2. Lather the sisal sachet between the palms and spread the foam on the skin or head.
  3. Rinse lather well from body, hair and the sisal bag.
  4. Allow the wet sisal bag to dry freely hanging all around before the next use.

Wall holder Washo Care - the simple and quick storage.

With the Washo Care wall holder, Washo Care shower care and shampoo are always within reach and ready for the next use. Thanks to self-adhesive adhesive dot on the back, the attachment is done quickly and does not require drilling holes. The material used (organic HDPE) was made from leftovers of the pressed sugar cane plant and is therefore a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic.


  1. Select a spot in the shower area that is out of the water stream
  2. Clean the spot and rub it dry
  3. Remove the protective film from the adhesive point and press on the wall mount.

The holder can be loaded immediately.

More reasons to love Washo

You too can become part of the Washo revolution. Doing good for the planet has never been easier. Not convinced yet? Read what our customers say here!

Frequently asked questions are answered on this FAQ page.

Washo is 100% transparent. Learn more in our transparency section.


Without microplastic

100% Vegan

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