Washo Fleckenseife 100g - washo.ch
Washo Fleckenseife 100g - washo.ch
Washo Fleckenseife 100g - washo.ch
Washo Fleckenseife 100g - washo.ch
Washo Fleckenseife 100g - washo.ch
Washo Fleckenseife 100g - washo.ch

Washo stain soap 100g

SFr. 5.90

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Washo stain soap 100g -
strong against stubborn stains

Bye bye stains! Stain removal the natural way

Washo stain soap is ideal for pre-treatment of stains. Enriched with washing nut extract, it can remove even stubborn stains in no time. The carefully selected, natural ingredients also protect the fibers of your favorite textiles in the long term.

100% Satisfaction/Money-Back Guarantee

Even the most stubborn stains such as wine, grass, tomato, blood, salad dressing stains, etc. can be pretreated with Washo Stain Soap.

Advantages for you and the environment

  • biodegradable
  • strong against stubborn stains
  • with natural ingredients
  • free from microplastics and petroleum
  • vegan


    1 Washo Stain Soap = approx. 50 pre-treatments

    Wet the Washo Stain Soap and the stained area with water. Now rub the affected area carefully with the soap. You should pay attention to the pressure strength, in order not to damage the textile fibers. Repeat the process at your own discretion until the stain has largely disappeared. Now you can wash the good piece as usual.


    • Always rinse stains with water as soon as possible.
    • Pretreat stains directly if possible
    • too strong pressure friction can damage the textile fibers
    • always read the textile care label before use
    • if unsure, test on an inconspicuous area

    More reasons to love Washo:

    Frequently asked questions and answers can be found here.

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    Without microplastic

    100% Vegan

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    I.S. (Seon, CH)
    Schonend zur Wäsche kraftvoll zu Schmutz und Flecken

    Diese Fleckenseife hat mich überzeugt.
    Hartnäckige Flecken aus Jeans sind nach einer Behandlung mit der Fleckenseife komplett entfernt. 👍

    Tschumi (Lausanne, CH)
    Geniale Fleckenseife

    Hätte ich wirklich nicht gedacht! Nimmt ohne Probleme auf den unterschiedlichsten Stoffmaterialien die Flecken👍
    Danach mit den Washo Waschstreifen waschen, perfekt👍

    Sacha B. (Lausanne, CH)
    Sans plus

    Je m'attendais à un véritable savon détachant. Il n'a rien de spécial et ma tâche est toujours là.