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7 typical mistakes when washing

  1. The closed door

A forgotten grandmother's wisdom says: a full washing machine must be closed, but an empty one open. Leaving the door open after washing gives moisture a chance to escape. Otherwise, it provides a great breeding ground for bacteria that no one wants in the washing machine.

  1. Overcrowded drum

To save electricity, it makes sense to fill your washing machine completely. But there's a fine line, because a full drum prevents your clothes from being rinsed properly. You can check your washing machine's instruction manual to see what amount of laundry fits your machine. Otherwise, the hand trick helps: There should be at least a hand's width of space between the laundry and the drum cover.

  1. Detergent overdose

A typical mistake when doing laundry is overdosing, which causes leftover detergent to stick to clothes. Washo users fortunately do not know this problem, Washo washing strips make dosing easy.

  1. Lack of cleaning the washing machine

The washing machine is similar to the shower: although we use water and washing substances in it, it does not get clean by itself. Lint and hair collect on the sealing ring, and you'll find tissue remnants in the filter. A regular check of the washing machine should therefore be part of the routine. Once a year, you can also run the machine without washing, but with a little vinegar or lemon juice to decalcify and remove germs.

  1. Stains not pretreated

Garments with heavy stains should be pre-treated by hand before washing. It is important that you do not rub too hard, as this will damage the material, but soak and then clean carefully. You can find more tips on stain treatment here: https://www.washo.ch/blogs/washo-blog/so-entfernst-du-hartnackige-flecken

  1. The machine does not deserve a break!
In larger households, one wash cycle is usually not enough, so it pays to schedule a wash day. But instead of giving the washing machine a break between washes, you should do them one right after the other. The

reason is that the washing machine can continue to use the heat and consumes significantly less electricity.

7. You do not use a laundry net

A laundry net has numerous advantages that make your life easier. You can easily put underwear, small items or socks in the net, so you can quickly sort them. The plus point is: your washing machine will never again make a sock disappear. Even more ecological are laundry bags that trap environmentally harmful fibers like polyester.