Washo dishwasher tablets

Washo Tabs are 20g lightweight, dry-pressed dishwasher tabs with natural ingredients and no plastic film.

With the power of citric acid, these tabs will leave your dishes sparkling clean - even if they are heavily encrusted. The active oxygen protects against unpleasant odours and the lemongrass fragrance leaves a wonderful, subtle freshness. Washo Tabs are also particularly suitable for eco programmes.

- with ECO recipe & natural ingredients.

  • Without plastic film

    Washo-Tabs are not packaged in plastic or PVA film

  • Recyclable packaging

    Washo-Tabs come packaged in a recyclable paper bag

  • ECO recipe

    Washo-Tabs are made from carefully selected ingredients

How to flush today

Cleans your dishes sparkling clean - even with heavy incrustations

The advantages of ourWasho All-in-One Tabs

Clean rinse function
For sparkling clean dishes with every wash cycle. Even with heavy encrustations

Salt function
For natural water softening and gentle dishwashing

Glass protection
For a longer service life of glasses and for a brilliant shine

longer glass life and for a radiant shine

Stainless steel shine
For shiny cutlery and other stainless steel items without tarnishing

Stylish storage box

Perfect for every household. The stylish, high-quality Washo storage tin has space for 34 tabs.

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