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Washo is clean - even when communicating with you.
Open and transparent information is important to us.

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Without microplastic

100% Vegan

Who invented it?

We didn't invent anything. The idea is so simple that we didn't even come up with it ourselves.

The innovation originates from Canada and is already known in many parts of the world. The idea of washing more sustainably and protecting our waters more convinced us immediately. With the Washo washing strips, we now want to make this option available to all Swiss households as quickly as possible.

That's what's in the Washo wash strips:

Washo products also need washing-active substances (surfactants). However, we use them in a very resource-conserving way and deliberately avoid many additives.

For the specialists among you, below are the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of our products:

You have a specific question about this:

This is what is included in our wash strips:

Nonionic surfactants


Anionic surfactants

Fragrances (Fresh Breeze, Soft & Lavender)

For the sake of the environment, Washo consciously relies on a minimalist composition

What makes Washo sustainable
and clean?

Washois biodegradable

Washo is free from microplastics

Washodispenses with unnecessary additives

Washois vegan and cruelty free

Washorelies on recycling instead of disposable waste

What does the small print on the packaging mean?

Washo is registered in the Swiss Chemicals Product Register (RPC) and, like all detergents, must carry legally required warnings on its packaging.

The wording of these instructions is prescribed exactly and most of them will not surprise you: It's clear that you keep detergent away from children, don't rub it in your eyes, or even swallow a Washo.

Nevertheless, we have asked our Swiss audit firm for a comprehensible explanation for our customers:

"The mandatory P-phrases were actually formulated primarily for the situation in the manufacturing chemical industry, where large product quantities with correspondingly greater hazards are used. Nevertheless, they are always mandatory even for small quantities."

The following sentence is particularly irritating for consumers: "Harmful to aquatic organisms with long lasting effects"..
Therefore, the specialist explained to us the background to this.

"If the sum of ingredients classified with H412 (and these are surfactants in all detergents) in the mixture is greater than 25%, this rate must be indicated. In the case of Washo, the percentage is also so high because the product is only 2g light in total. However, it is precisely because of the low weight that the following applies to Washo: "The low consumption of raw materials conserves resources and calls for sustainable development of the planet."

"Washo puts an end to overdosing and unnecessary environmental impact."

Where does Washo produce?

As an ecologically and socially sustainable Swiss company, we would of course prefer to produce only in Switzerland. However, with regard to the origin of raw materials and special production processes, this is unfortunately not realistic. That's why the majority of Washo products come from German production.

Washo wash stripes

As the first company in Switzerland, we also carry wash strips from local production in Germany. Our wash strips SOFT are produced there on a new production line. As the capacities of the plant are still insufficient for the total demand, our Classic wash strips are manufactured in a small owner-operated company in Asia. We have committed the plant to strict standards and know the people on site. We are investing heavily in expanding our European production facilities so that we can eventually relocate all our production to Europe.

Washo Dishwashing Tabs & Co.

Produced exclusively for Washo by an ECOCERT certified German family business, our dishwashing tabs are manufactured to the highest quality standards and a consistent ECO formula. Also produced in Germany and with carefully selected ingredients are the Washo add-on products such as the ecological oxygen-based bleach, the stain soap with soap-nut extract, etc. Even the high-quality storage tins in the stylish Washo design, are the result of our high standards of quality and sustainability from German production.

By purchasing Washo, you are supporting our pioneering work and making an important contribution so that we can continue to invest in local production.

Our commitment to a
better world of tomorrow

Washo is a certified carbon neutral company.
We compensate 100% of all CO2 emissions from production and transport.


Together with tree-nation have
we have already planted over 500,000 trees.


We invest 1% of total sales in environmental and social projects. This is reviewed externally on a regular basis.

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