Neu: Das Washo Putz-Set, einfach nachhaltig -

New: The Washo cleaning set, simply sustainable

Refill instead of throwing away!

Sustainability and environmental protection are playing an increasingly important role and it's time we made environmentally friendly choices in our households too. Let's start directly with the reduction of single-use plastic and the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by unnecessary water transportation.

New in the range - Washo cleaning set
Powder-based and ecologically sustainable cleaners, specially developed for everyday use in Swiss households. Clean effectively and are very easy to refill. All you need is the spray bottle made from recycled PET (R-PET), the Washo cleaner powder and water.

Kitchen Cleaner
The Washo Kitchen Cleaner is perfect for removing grease, food residue and other stains in your kitchen. The ecologically sustainable formula is vegan and not only ensures a clean kitchen, but also a clean environment.

Glass & All-Purpose Cleaner
Our Washo Glass and All-Purpose Cleaner is versatile and leaves no streaks on glass or mirror surfaces. The all-rounder is also based on sustainable development, is vegan and is a real household helper.

Bathroom Cleaner
The Washo Bathroom Cleaner has been specially developed to remove water stains, superficial limescale deposits and dirt in an environmentally friendly way. And the formulation is also vegan.

Surface cleaner sets
So that you can make your cleaning routine completely sustainable, we also offer Washo surface cleaners as a set. This is not only good for our environment but also for your wallet.

Washo Putz-Set

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The ecologically sustainable Washo surface cleaners are the ideal choice for environmentally conscious Swiss households. They save mountains of disposable plastic, are super easy to refill, are vegan and by using recycled material you are making an important contribution to protecting the environment. And without sacrificing effective cleaning results. Simply sustainable.

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