Schweizer Innovation: Die Reiniger, die hartem Wasser den Kampf ansagen! -

Swiss innovation: The cleaners that declare war on hard water!

A refreshing innovation in the field of cleaning technology awaits Swiss households. The cleaner presented here is the result of meticulous research and development to meet the specific challenges of hard water in Switzerland. A new era of cleanliness and shine is on the horizon and promises to revolutionize the daily cleaning experience in the bathroom and kitchen.

Water hardness highest in Valais

Water hardness is highest in Varren (Valais). According to, many other places in the Basel area, Zug and Aargau are also severely affected by hard water. The quality of the water can have a significant impact on everyday cleaning. In Switzerland, hard water is a common phenomenon that often leads to limescale deposits and other stubborn stains in the bathroom. The market is full of cleaning products that promise a lot, but only a few can deliver the desired results, especially in areas with hard water. The Swiss bathroom cleaner steps in to fill this gap with a formula specially developed for the conditions in Switzerland.

Wasserhärte in der Schweiz - die Hotspots

Kanton Ort Water hardness in °dH Water hardness in mmol/l Water hardness in °fH Hardness range
Aargau Schinznach village 30.8 5.5 55 hard
Appenzell Ausserrhoden Schwellbrunn 17 3,036 30,357 hard
Basel landscape Eptingen 31.36 5.6 56 hard
Basel city Basel 10.08 1.8 18 medium
Bern Liebefeld 23.52 4.2 42 hard
Glarus Glarus 7.84 1.4 14 soft
Graubünden Chur 11 1.964 19.643 mean
Lucerne Schongau 19.6 3.5 35 hard
Solothurn Olten 19.04 3.4 34 hard
St. Gallen Mörschwil 17 3,036 30,357 hard
Uri Wassen 1.7 0.304 3.036 soft
Wallis Varen 48 8,571 85,714 hard
train Baar 36 6,429 64,286 hard
Zurich Zurich 10.64 1.9 19 mean

Limescale and dirt are everywhere

Hard water leaves behind limescale deposits and dirt that are difficult to remove and can lead to stains on fittings, shower doors and tiles. It can also shorten the lifespan of the sanitary installations and lead to unsightly water stains that make the bathroom look old and unkempt. The kitchen provides exactly the same breeding ground for limescale. Grease splashes, cooking water, sauces or cooking residues often stick in the kitchen. These problems require a special solution that is tailored to the specific conditions of Swiss water.

The solutions provided by a Swiss cleaner

The innovative Washo cleaning set is an effective answer to the challenges posed by hard water. Thanks to a specially developed formula that withstands hard water, this cleaner can easily remove limescale and dirt without damaging surfaces. The cleaner leaves a radiant shine and ensures that the entire bathroom area feels fresh and clean. Application is child's play and the effect is immediately visible. This bathroom cleaner is the result of extensive research to provide a solution that is both effective and safe for bathroom surfaces.

More than just a cleaner

The Swiss innovation in the field of bathroom cleaning goes far beyond a simple marketing slogan. The bathroom cleaner delivers real results, even under the toughest water conditions that prevail in Switzerland. Anyone who longs for a clean, shiny bathroom and is fed up with the challenges caused by hard water will find a reliable partner in this Swiss bathroom cleaner.

Tip: Regular cleaning of the bathroom is the key to avoiding stubborn stains and limescale deposits. By establishing a routine and cleaning your bathroom at least once a week, you can prevent the build-up of dirt and limescale, making cleaning easier over time. This task is made considerably easier with an effective bathroom cleaner that has been specially developed for the conditions in Switzerland. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces, fittings and tiles every time you clean to keep your bathroom fresh and clean.

Badreiniger Verfügbarkeit überprüfen

The time has come to declare war on limescale and stubborn dirt in the bathroom. The Swiss bathroom cleaner is now available in local supermarkets or online. Get it now and experience the immaculate cleanliness and radiant shine that only this unique bathroom cleaner can offer. Investing in a clean and sparkling bathroom environment starts with the right cleaner, and this Swiss bathroom cleaner is undoubtedly the best choice.

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