Schneller trocken dank Washo Natur Tumbler Balls -

Dry faster thanks to Washo Nature Tumbler Balls

The Washo Dryer Balls are true multi-talents. You put the balls together with the wet laundry in the dryer and let the program run normally. The difference lies in the time: tumbling takes significantly less time with the Washo Dryer Balls. Alternatively, you can choose a shorter economy program. You can use all Washo Dryer Balls in every drying cycle (regardless of how much laundry is in the dryer).

The advantages: You save electricity, money and time! In addition, you no longer need a fabric softener and thus protect the environment. In addition, the Washo Dryer Balls also help against electrostatic charging of your clothes.

How do the Washo Dryer Balls work?

Washo Dryer Balls are made of the highest quality sheep's wool. This natural fiber is easy to care for, resistant and a natural insulator. This means that they retain heat during the drying process, shortening the drying time. The idea behind this is also that Washo Dryer Balls prevent laundry from clumping together, for up to 1000 washes. We recommend replacing the balls when they start to shed fibers and become linty.

You can think of the Washo Dryer Balls idea this way: The wet towels stick together, it just takes a while for them to dry enough to separate. This prevents warm air from circulating between them for a long time. Washo Dryer Balls solve this problem - air can pass through despite the wet fabrics.

It is the constant movement of the balls that ensure that the clothes become softer as the fibers rub against each other. In this way, Washo Dryer Balls also replace fabric softener. In order for the balls to move optimally between wet fabrics, some space is needed, so it doesn't make sense to use them when the dryer is overloaded.

Bring scent to your laundry - without chemicals

Washo Dryer Balls don't use any chemicals or synthetic fabrics, making them suitable for allergy sufferers or babies. Plus, sheep's wool is completely biodegradable. If you want some fragrance for your laundry, you can simply add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to each ball. Then leave the oil to soak in for a few hours and then use the Washo Dryer Balls as usual - they conjure up freshness in your laundry!