Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)
Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)
Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)
Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)
Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)
Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)
Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)
Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)

Your FREE sample Fresh Breeze (with fragrance)

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Convince yourself now of the Washo wash strips

Washo strips Fresh Breeze -
your personal free sample

Free sample envelope with 2 wash strips

Order your personal free sample envelope now and convince yourself of the many advantages of Washo wash strips.

Shipment by B-letter post usually takes 3-4 working days.

1 free sample can be ordered per person. Due to repeated misuse, an expense allowance of CHF 5.- per order will be charged immediately for repeated orders by the same customers, regardless of the length of time in between.

Washo wash strips are the clean way to wash

Ultra-lightweight, dry-pressed wash strips with highly concentrated washing substances and carefully selected, biodegradable ingredients.

100% satisfaction/money back guarantee.

For white, colored and black laundry. Can be used at all temperatures from 15-90° degrees and on all fabrics. Also suitable for short wash cycles and hand washing.

Advantages for you and the environment

  • ultra-light and space-saving
  • biodegradable
  • without microplastic and no palm oil
  • well tolerated by the skin without unnecessary additives
  • recyclable cardboard packaging
  • vegan


    1 Washo = 1 wash cycle

    Simply place Washo in the laundry drum, put in the laundry and start the program. The Washo washing strip dissolves completely in the water and gently ensures clean laundry.

    • for white, colored and black laundry
    • applicable to all textiles
    • at all temperatures from 15-90°C
    • also suitable for short wash cycles and hand washing

    Fragrance "Fresh Breeze

    The scent variant Fresh Breeze gives your laundry a fresh, subtle scent, reminiscent of a flower meadow in the morning dew.

    Washo wash strips also available as:
    Lavender - Soft - without fragrance

    More reasons to love Washo:

    Frequently asked questions and answers can be found here.

    Become part of the Washo family and join us in inspiring the whole of Switzerland to use our planet's resources more carefully.

    Not convinced yet? Read what our customers say here!

    Washo is 100% transparent. Find out more in our transparency section.

    Signal word
    Hazard pictograms
    GHS05 Corrosion |

    GHS07 Exclamation mark

    Hazard statements
    H302 |

    Harmful if swallowed.

    H315 |

    Causes skin irritation.

    H318 |

    Causes serious eye damage.


    Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


    Without microplastic

    100% Vegan

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3542 reviews
    Y.F.I. (Allschwil, CH)

    Neues Produkt einfach genial. Saubere Wäsche und Umwelt geschont.

    Y.F.I. (Allschwil, CH)

    Einfache Dosierung und gutes Waschergebnis

    Y.F.I. (Allschwil, CH)

    Eine super Sache und nichts zu schleppen.

    Iris H. (Zurich, CH)
    Works perfectly!

    It was absolutely great.
    I had a tiny load and even used only a quarter of the sheet and it worked well!

    Sandra (Unterkulm, CH)

    Sehr zufrieden, wäscht sauber, angehört leichter Duft, werde bestellen wenn ich die verschiedenen Muster ausprobiert habe.
    Finde euer Konzept eine super Sache

    xy (Lippoldswilen, CH)
    Bestes Waschmittel und federleicht

    Es wäscht sauber und duftet dezent. Nicht aufdringlich. Will man mehr Duft, 2 Waschstreifen pro Waschgang. Nie mehr Rückenschmerzen. Juhui. Was will man mehr. Lieber etwas mehr zahlen, dafür noch was für die Umwelt tun. Kann es empfehlen.

    Fabian (Safenwil, CH)

    Ich finde Washo eine supper sache, umweltfreundlich und einfach zu transportieren.
    Bin ein mega Fan und wasche meine Wäsche nur noch mit Washo.
    Tolle auswahl an Düften und neutral👍🏻

    Anonym (Lausanne, CH)

    Soooo cool, muss man nicht mehr schwer nach Hause tragen und kann gleichzeitig etwas für die Umwelt machen: ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Washo Waschstreifen 🤩

    Corinne H. (Zurich, CH)

    Keine schweres nach Hause tragen , sehr gute Handhabung, leicht verständlich im Gebrauch, kein sperriger Müll . Werde umstellen auf Washo .

    Viktoria B. (Basel, CH)
    Einfach, leicht und Platzsparend

    Easy zum gebrauchen, platzsparend und kein Müll, kein schweres schleppen. Habe es weiter empfohlen an ältere Leute, wegem schleppen. Riecht gut im Schrank. Wäsche wurde sauber. Danke für schnelles versenden