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Washo Soft Doppelkombi-Angebot (2+2 mit Dose) -
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Washo Soft Doppelkombi-Angebot (2+2 mit Dose) -

Washo Soft double combo offer (2+2 with can)

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Double Combi PLUS Soft - that's how you wash and rinse today

The PLUS Soft double combination offer includes:

  • 2 boxes with a total of 120 Washo-Tabs Soft
  • 2 boxes with a total of 68 Washo tabs (without plastic foil)
  • 1 Washo storage box for tabs

100% satisfaction/money back guarantee

Washo washing strips - the clean way to wash

Ultra-light, dry-pressed wash strips with highly concentrated washing substances and carefully selected biodegradable ingredients. For white, colored and black laundry. Applicable at all temperatures from 15-90° degrees and on all textiles. Also suitable for short washes and hand washing.

SOFT - improved formula for even greater skin compatibility.

The first Washo washing strips from German production are now even more skin-friendly and therefore even more suitable for people with sensitive skin and baby laundry. Dermatologically tested as "very good".

Advantages for you and the environment

  • ultra light and space saving
  • biodegradable
  • without microplastic and no palm oil
  • well tolerated by the skin without unnecessary additives
  • recyclable cardboard packaging
  • vegan


    1 Washo = 1 wash cycle

    Simply place Washo in the laundry drum, put in the laundry and start the program. The Washo washing strip dissolves completely in the water and gently ensures clean laundry.

    • for white, colored and black laundry
    • applicable to all textiles
    • at all temperatures from 15-90°C
    • also suitable for short wash cycles and hand washing

    Washo dishwashing tabs - according to ECO formula and without plastic film

    Washo tabs are 20g lightweight, dry-pressed dishwashing tabs with natural ingredients and without microplastics.

    Optimal cleaning result thanks to multifunctional formula

    With the power of citric acid, the "All in one" Washo-Tabs clean your dishes sparkling clean - even with heavier encrustations. At the same time, the active oxygen protects against unpleasant odors and the lemongrass fragrance leaves a pleasant freshness. Washo-Tabs are also very suitable for low-temperature and eco programs.

    Salt function - Clear rinse function - Glass protection - Stainless steel shine

    Advantages for you and the environment

    • without plastic/PVA foil (naked tabs)
    • "all in one" multifunctional formula
    • with natural ingredients
    • free from microplastic and petroleum
    • recyclable paper packaging
    • vegan


      1 Washo tab = 1 dishwashing cycle

      Place one tab per wash cycle in the dosing chamber. For the sake of the environment, please make sure the machine is full and choose a low temperature program or Eco mode. This will reduce water consumption and water pollution. For an excellent cleaning result, especially with very hard water, regenerating salt and, if necessary, shine rinse should be used additionally. Washo-Tabs are very gentle but please make sure that your dishes and cutlery are really dishwasher safe:

      No silver, crystal, aluminum, porcelain, wood, dishwasher-unfit plastic, etc.

      Fragrance "Lemongrass

      The natural scent of lemongrass neutralizes unpleasant odors and leaves a pleasant citrus freshness in your dishwasher.

      Washo storage box - stylish and high quality

      The Washo storage tin is perfect for dry storage of dishwasher tabs. With dimensions of approx. 10x10x10cm, the handy tin in the chic Washo design fits in almost every storage compartment and drawer. The tin is made of high-quality materials and according to the highest quality standards in Germany.

      More reasons to love Washo:

      Frequently asked questions and answers can be found here.

      Become part of the Washo family and join us in inspiring the whole of Switzerland to use our planet's resources more carefully.

      Not convinced yet? Read what our customers say here!

      Washo is 100% transparent. Find out more in our transparency section.

      Signal word
      Hazard pictograms
      GHS05 Corrosion |

      GHS07 Exclamation mark

      Hazard statements
      H302 |

      Harmful if swallowed.

      H315 |

      Causes skin irritation.

      H318 |

      Causes serious eye damage.

      H412 |

      Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


      Contains subtilisin. May cause allergic reactions.

      Biologisch abbaubar

      Ohne Mikroplastik

      100% Vegan


      Jetzt Bienenwachstücher

      Bei jeder Bestellung ab CHF 30.-

      Jetzt Bienenwachstücher geschenkt!

      Bei jeder Bestellung ab CHF 30.-


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Doris (Rivera TI, CH)

      Sono molto soddisfatta dei prodotti. Sono ancora indecisa sulle profumazioni.

      Christine M. (Bussigny, CH)
      J'adore le concept

      Quelle économie 👍de plus on fait du bien à la planète, juste parfait

      Daniel I. (Hunenberg, CH)
      Lieferung und Produkte waren Top

      Alles war genau so wie auf der Homepage angepriesen.
      Bin mit der Qualität der Produkte und der Liefergeschwindigkeit sehr zufrieden. Dies ist bereits meine 2. Bestellung und ich werde wieder nachbestellen.

      Alles top!

      Franjo M. (Chur, CH)
      alles bestens super

      100% empfehlenswert

      Ruma (Zurich, CH)
      Super Sache 👍

      Bin sehr zufrieden mit den Resultaten der Waschstreifen wie auch der Tabs für die Geschirrspülmaschine

      Dinu (Zurich, CH)
      Praktisch und gut

      Nutzen schon seit längerem die Waschstreifen Classic, haben jetzt umgestellt auf die Waschstreifen soft und sind absolut zufrieden. Sehr praktisch ist auch das geringe Gewicht und das Volumen der Packung und der Anwendungen der Waschstreifen.
      Wir haben vor kurzem auch umgestellt auf die Washo-Tabs und sind ebenfalls überzeugt vom Ergebnis.